Tuesday, September 28, 2010

English drama - Melody for friends :)

okay, today is the day of drama english from our class, 3 accounting 2, the first group ..yup .. with not a lot of preparation and the training was mess and there is some dialogue that deviated from the script (yea,some of us forget the dialogue)..we successfully made our English teacher shiver with our action. im so happy, no, we are so happy! yeaahh! although there are some shortcomings mentioned by sir, but we still keep spirit and happy :D, thanks sir jay.. when everyone are down, he can make us spirit again..:)
previously, i have been soooooo nervous, yeaa after i heard that appearance of the secretary class is amazing, and our preparation is not enough at all and mess, but finally sir said that we were very natural and we are SUCCESS! hahahhahahahahahahhaahahahha. emm, im too happy, forgot what would i write for, well my intention was just put the photo in my blog :D hahahahha see you again, the readers of my blog :D hahahahahahaa

yani - gita - ola - cano - mr,jay - heni - cele - wina - me :)

yaa... most of the photos star! mr.jay :D

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