Sunday, October 24, 2010

My favorite goods :)

yea, happy sunday all :D
Sunday is usually used for relaxing and refreshing to students who have school for a week,but because it has become my duty , today I became a good housekeeper,clean all the wrong corner of the house and personal things,and from here I have made the initiative to tell my favorite goods on the blog we gooo.. :D

start from a gift :)
from my beloved best friends Venty or sometimes called Zhia.
she is my best friend when i was in junior high school. she is my-central-borrowing-comics-friend LOL! hahahaha kidding. she is very talented in drawing anime, I will show later the results in my upcoming posts .. I really admire her:) *if she read this, i believe she will make very animashaun expression :p
she always gave me my birthday gift each and always said HBD via SMS, she is now in Singapore, because of continuing school at there, emm okayy there are some items that she gave to me .. :)

here is one of a box that she gave to me, and in it there is a cute stuffed dog

still there that I keep in the closet. because if be taken out, it will going to apart, so I just showed partially
next, this is one of my favorite gift i ever had, although small shape..but I love it :) Mr. Bean keychains :)

and, this i received from my cousin sister

teddy bears and stuffed tigers, stuffed tiger is my favorite doll. it's very cute, is not it?

and have a pair of hellokitty dolls from my sister cousin (a gift from MCD), there is also a wallet that I never use and there are some necklaces from my cousin, next from my mom, the purple one from my grandmother (by the gift from Taiwan), and the last stuffed crab necklace that I love from my friends:) next this is my puzzel collection...

yea, my collection is still lacking many, there are some puzzel that I got from zhia, megaminx i got from Wicaksono adi(one of the famous cuber in INDONESIA), and some cube given by my brother,and the rest i bougth by is my beloved calculator.. XD LOL! the first one has broken and i bought a new one. It always helped me when I do my accounting homework. :D ahahahahhhahhaa

next, there are several Rubiks uniforms and clothes that I have, from the NSA (Nusantara Speedcubing Association) and RIRORUBIK.

and my juniorhighschool class clothes of the class IX-4

Next, this was a special gift that i never suspected to be given, laptop. omg, this is not to be trusted and very cool. i got that from my speechless.

for the last , my first mobile phone which i still use it until now, NOKIA 3220, my beloved mobile phone .. :D

Okay, I think this is all I want to tell about my favorite goods .. byeee:D

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