Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Rita & Rika Sweet 17 Birthday :)

20-10-2010 :)
heeiii my blog, I'm too busy and have no time to update my blog for a few days, oke today is wednesday, like usual go to school and do daily activities, and very tired but today was a little different, today is Rita and Rika birthday,Happy Birthday to them :) , they are twins..yea..
emm, after school, cano asked me to bought a bun cake for her sister, her sister also birthday today,but not celebrated. after bought can's sister cake,I drove to her house<. after stay on her home to several hours, we were to rita-rika's house, its about 7 pm, oh well, I and cano wearing a white shirt and shorts,mine is red color and can yellow color :) okay it's not important. yea, like a party before, just eat, cut a cake and take some of photo, and back to home for sleep..there was many people on their birthday, most of them are classmate.. hahahhaa okee that's all I can remember ..
their's birthday cake :)

in the end, wena said that me and cano was seen as twin (?) hahahhahahhahaa

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