Friday, January 7, 2011

5 January - 7 January at SGH..

Wahaaaaaaaaaaaaa i just come back from hospital on Singapore.. Okay i will tell you what we're done at there.. i think my English has a little bit developing but my Grammar starting in a mess.. oh no.. because at there use Malay mix English , and i know not tooooooooooooo much verb, so just try harder to say what i' m going to tell the nurse and the doctor..emm okay.. i will start from the first day..

5 January 2011
today, im going to singapore with my mom, brother (fendi), and my grandma. we going there not for holiday, we going there because my brother have to go to hospital to cek up. He has a little fever..we woke up about 4.30 a.m (batam zone time) just change a daster to a shirt (read : not take a shower!) then with a rush we pick up my grandma at her home and go to the sister drove us to the harbour. We boarded the ferry around 5:40 and the ferry departed around 6 o'clock.. go to singapore its about 1-2 hour, we arrived on singapore and took a taxi to the hospital. The hospital name is Singapore General Hospital.. why i follow them to go there? because my aunt ask my mom, i have to see a doctor too, because of my sick a month ago. On 3rd January i have a fever after school, its about 38.1 . so i follow them..arrived to hospital and starting check and wait, check and wait until the doctor said that i and my brother have to stay because they didn't know what going with us.. so after much thought my mom finally told us to treated in hospital for the check, so what can we do? yea just that.. then we are waiting the room.. oh no.. i was so tired at this time, you know why? we wait the room from 11.00 a.m until 06.30 p.m !!! think? we just sit on the waiting room for that sooooooooooo long time room.. everybody was so tired..because this hospital is so many people, so its hard to find a available room. After we got a room, we (me and fendi) just take a rest for a while.. mom,aunt,and my grandma go back home.. my aunt come when we both have check the doctor. mom go back Batam , aunt and grandma back to my aunt house. they give us a bracelet hand, i'm confused what's that and what the point they give that to us.. this is the bracelet hand i'm talking about..

and started an IV and draw blood

then the food is coming, fried chicken and the vegetables is long beans, then they ask to change a patient dress, the color is bright orange. after i changed the shirt with a dress,the doctor is come again to draw my blood. Wow he's very good looking, he come and try to talk with me, he talk too much and too fast, with my low English, of course i cant understand what he talk about, when he started to ask me, i just say "sorry sir, i don't understand what you talking about at all, can you speak mandarin or Malay?" and he answer me ASAP "NO!" .then? okay, i just let him draw my blood, and i think he is start to be a annoying person, he draw my blood on my left hand, he just try harder but my left hand have no blood..he was injects the needle softly and removed it with a very rude, its so pain, he injects the needle 3 times to my left hand, and he tried to move from left hand to right hands, and yes finally succeed.. after that i just try to sleep but i was thinking, oh no.. i will miss my lesson again! and i miss someone so badly.. HAHAHHAA! oyeaaaa.. my room at Singapore Genaral Hospital block 5, ward 63, floor 3, room 13 and my brother at room 18..this hospital is awsome! SO BIG! my mom was lost the way when she try to found us..

6 January 2010
My mom take a cheaper room, so on one room have 6-9 patient.. in the morning the nurse woke up us at 6 o'clock (at Singapore okay.. its mean 5 o'clock at batam, like usually i woke up and go to school..its annoying) , and in my room all is a old woman, yes.. i call them "ama-ama" ,they all like to sharing they story and i was just a listener.. listen what they talking about, so many ethics they teach me accidentally there, they told about they story, why they entered the hospital, how they fall, how they were abandoned by their families, where they are happy together with their children and grandchildren, how they are left alone on beach by her own child, how impudent daughter-in-law with them, until one akong (ama for old woman, and akong for old man) have convicted by the doctor,his only remaining 2 months away..swear, i want to cry when i hear their stories..
The first morning in this hospital, the breakfast is 2 slice bread and one cup of black coffee, the coffee was so bitter, yea from morning until night just sharing they stories..cant do anything on lunch, wow.. the smell was so nice, but the tasteless, omg

malay rendang with some vegetables...
this is the condition on my room..

oyea, my aunt bought us McD..

in a night , venty was come and visit me, and i realized, every person who came were given stickers..

emm, my dinner

that yello one is fish.. its nice to smell not nice to eat..

7 January
the doctor say that i can discharged from hospital yea..but i've to check up again on 26 january. and my brother have to stay for a few days.. i come back home with my grandma without my brother and mom..its about 1 p.m , we go to the harbour and just spend about a minute on vivo city,arrived in batam around 4 pm, and i feel so tired and weak..

and i think just that , i don't know want to ask what.. yea just that, byeeee

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