Saturday, August 27, 2011

19 - 21 Aug 2011 at singapore :D

19 Aug 2011
I'm going to Singapore alone, i think i should go fast so i woke up around 4 AM and my mom told me its too fast. so i went to Harbor around 7 and boarded the ship at 8. arrived around 10 AM and i started find MRT to go to Airport, its my first time go to Singapore Airport. What i do at the airport? Heheee..To pick up my BF :)
its his first time too, went to Singapore. So i just feel like an adventure, Walking around to find the way to Airport, ya its not too hard, because Singapore have a great system, need not fear getting lost in there, because the instructions is complete, yup .. what you need to do is can speak Mandarin or English, it's easy. :)
emm, from harbor front to airport its around 1 hour. Singaporean is crazy, they walking so fast its make my calf hurt.
Arrived at airport and.. OMG! its too big!! so tired to find the lobby of the plane coming from Bandung. around 1 PM, finally i found the lobby and i'm waiting him until around 2 PM Sitting on the Burger King near the lobby. eat the burger which is expensive. howaaa.. but its really make me full. and finally He come.


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