Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Hello my blogger, long time not update my blog.. i busy with my work now. yea, some kind of bored thing i do everyday. woke up at 6am and starting work at office from 8am until 5 pm, back home, eat, watching tv, and sleep, woke up, work sleep over and over again. ough, i'm boring with this condition.
Lot of my friend starting prepare their new thing, yea,collage, the pity news is, i dont like them, i didn't prepare study at 'whatever' university yet. i need time to think, what i wanna be?? which university should i take? its still a big BLANK in my head. i wish to be a designer, but i know, to studying designer needs a lot of money, and i don't have that. and at this small island, BATAM! ohh you can think, how this small city have a better university? thinking about university i'm starting get jealous with my friends. okee just forget it.

Today, Nine August, and i feel so good, God still bless me, my mom, my dad, my sister-brother, my family, and my bf. i miss him so much.. 10 days to goo, we will meet again :)

oke, i dont know what supposed i type, i just wanna see my beautiful memories and type something today, hopefully everything is fine..
God Bless us :)

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