Friday, November 11, 2011

22 September - 28 September at malaysia - sg

Yesterday, my aunt gave me the photos when i was in Malaysia. i went to Malaysia for the first time!
my visit to Malaysia, the first reason is
go there because my second aunt's daughter is just had a baby, my third aunt go there to help. because my third aunt never gone before and she can not read, cant speak english. so me and my sis go there together. The story is very long and confusing if i told you. da I dunno how to explain it hahaha, just skip That..

go to Sg first and then go to Penang. i don't remember what i'm doing, just want tho share and blog this picture :)
he was only 2 days, soo small ! cute right! :)

an this is my niece, i love her strong hair! hhhahaa seriously, we dont make it up. its naturally straight up. and every time we called her name she always smile and laugh soo cuteeeeeeeeee! i miss her :)

i don't remember what happened, what im doin that day hahaahhaaa im just remember that this mushrooms soup is so delicious!

oh yaa, i had been to several department store but same as Batam, no one makes me interested. except seeing Aldo Shoes! OMG! *faint* and had some accessories from forever 21 at Queensbay hahahahaha..

and i found this!! look at the rubik's cube is SOO BIG! hahahahahaa i want that in my room!!!

and had been went to old building, i forgot the name, i forgot where is it. HAHAHAH

and the most impressive is visiting butterfly farm :) so many pretty butterfly there!!!!! see! how beautiful they are!

yes, its on my hand!


this is the dead one :(

my cousin Ellicia

my cousin Tsu lim , and me

i'm a ugly butterfly! yuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

and not just had a butterfly farm, there also had multi-media room, and museum, and had many other insects .

and look at the ticket! hahha its cuteee!

after that we went to hard rock hotel


and, i dont know when i ate this peri - peri chicken hahahaa

and this tutti frutti yogurt is delicious!

hhahahaha my post is soo random!!! have a nice day strangers! :)

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ade kurnianingrum handika putri said...

:D lovely place , wanna go there someday . and great photos btw ♥