Monday, November 21, 2011

a little thing called friendship!

Helo strangers, I am very confident with yesterday's test, i don't know.... hahhahaa..  i was blank when the invigilator said the timing is only 10 minutes left! and I was still in question number 50 of 100, can you imagine how hurry i am to finish that question?! oh gosh! hahahahaha.. but then i felt so relax maybe becuase i meet my friends (and talk to my bf),They're always makes me think positive and make me so comfortable.. :) miss them already!! wish me luck!!!!!

heree! our some random pic! hahahaha love! love!
ola - me - wena


Oke, my face is grrrrrrrr
this is BONUS for olaaaaa  !! :D


Fenny said...

i love seeing wena eyes.. hhahahahaa and olaa last pict! sekseeeeeeeeee waaaaaa hehehehehee

ola said...

Otee, u know that I'm so sexy, but you don't have to put the sexiest pict of me in this page, k? How if my 'someone'see this?

Fenny said...

your 'someone' will love you more :p