Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Sunday Afternoon

Heloo Strangers..
now i'll be less-comment persons, less-blog walking, less-typing, ya less in front of computer. (as I said in my previous post)

and the other reason is... i HATE THIS CAPTCHA !!  

why every time at everywhere on the internet, we must typing this??!!! im getting SUPER mad of it  and hate this sooo xxxxx up!!!

i have my Sunday Afternoon with my 'crazy' friends, we had a lot of fun! eating together, play together, sing together, laugh like crazier..  Love Them! LOL!

I replace my glasses last night, my face didnt change too much because I chose an almost similar to my previous glasses (because is very comfortable to wear), and i cut my bangs too..

Have a great February Gorgeous!


Cliff Tuna said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA I know right?! I hate that google word thingie (i dunno what it's called) too! It's like a visual test or something, so exhausting! XD

Cliff Tuna said...

Awww you're a very kind person Fenny! Thank you so much for being so supportive, you just made my day! :') And of course keep blogging!

Livia said...

i love your necklace!gorgeous <3

Lucy Le Masurier said...

I completely agree about the captcha, and either I'm just getting dumber or they're becoming more difficult to translate.

Great blog, following now :)

Kate V said...

I totally agree about the captcha, that's why I removed it from the comment area on my blog! I hate it :P

I really love your necklace honey :D

Kisses xx

Fabrizia said...

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Maria said...

Great post and photos!!


Wynne Prasetyo said...

your ruffly top is so cute!


olie said...

Agree!me hate that kind of thing too


M said...

agreeeed. I HATE IT! it's so annoying! oh and looks like you had a nice sunday :D

Junah Cagang said...

i hate it too. great post tho .
Interesting blog, I really enjoyed browsing it :)

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Indy Andrea Mumu said...

hi there..looks like you had so much fun with your besties!<3 thanks for following me anyway, i'm now following you in return ;) i wish i could solve a rubik's cube like youu.


Nadya Joy Soetanto said...

fun times with friends!

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METROX LOVES YOU the blog. said...

Ahhh, you're so dang right! lol. Anywho, we're glad to have stumbled upon your blog, and following you for sure! ;) Hope you can drop by our blog sometime soon! We'd love to find new fresh bloggers for our blogger feature! ;)

MLU the blog.

Lizelisabeth said...

Great blog and great post! You are so right on captha verification! :( But don't let it stops you from reading and discovering new blogs! ;) Def can't wait for your next post! Hope you can drop by to my blog sometime. ;)

Hugs and kiss kiss,