Friday, August 24, 2012

Go For Gold !

i just come back from my too short short holiday, its fun - bored - and tired .. sure.. im not gonna post my holiday pic on this post.. but i promise will post the pic soon on next post!

alright.. i got something that open my mind..  yap, song!.. 
just watch this video and feel the spirit..

i know Olympic already done, but this Kyle Patrick's Song really makes me woke up from my laziness , Kyle Patrick is the new Vocalist ( emm, not so new cause he joined the band and make their third album on 2007 )  from The Click Five btw ( this band is quite famous i think, they are awesome! ) 

This video is the first time i saw Kyle, and when he introduce himself by called his name its... COOL!! really.. i loved him that time.. if you love kyle too go follow his twitter @realkylepatrick or his page

But in the other side, i still miss Eric  ( the previous vocalist ) . you can compare their both ( but i love both of them haha) . This song was when Eric being vocalist, and this is Kyle's and if you like their songs and wanna know them more, just googel-ing :D

i felt bored (at office) so draw this on paint.. its kinda mess and really.. its hard to draw with mouse..with a small screen and afraid of getting caught if im not working!

time flew so fast.. four days to go, the first meeting in college and gonna start my college life very soon!! i really really hope that collage will make my mind more  fresh and maturate , cause i feel my head stuck since graduate till working.. so.. im very excited life, new building , new class, new teacher, new friends, new inspiration.. hope that it would be fun .. and yeahhh.. GO FOR GOLD!


Wulan Wu said...

I promise if I meet you someday I'll help you to take photos! :D

Wulan Wu on

Lisshandra Tanata said...

i like that song! anyway, cute painting :3