Saturday, July 6, 2013

Reve by Agnes Monica

Heloo my blog! .. have you heard about Agnez Perfume? i bet that you already heard that, especially here in Indonesia.. because... a lot of people had talked about this perfume! its really booming in town and on twitter and in the news on internet too.. and here i am.. post this on my blog.. hahaa..  i know i'm kinda late if i post this now.. but please.. i don't give a shit.. LOL!

AGNEZ eau de perfume Reve by Agnes Monica ( Agnezmo ) , this multi talented singer/actress just launched her first perfume. OMG. i adore her so much.. this perfume was launch at 00.00 on Mei 21, 2013 and in the morning after launched.. i heard a news that this perfume was sold out 700 bottles just in one hour.. yes.. seven hundred bottles in 1 hours after launched. How cool is that! and OMG she is Amazing!.. Reve Spray with a fluorescent green color give the sensation of fruity floral scent of dewberry and distinctive refreshing tropical mango, followed by the diversity of unique fragrances of prune, cassis and tearose that will make anyone smile. Perfume inspired by the perfect blend of beauty and courage to start a dream is ended with indulgent aroma of sweet caramel, vanilla and amber.

on that day.. i was in Jakarta, and i think i'll look for it, so i search on the internet and i saw some of her post at her twitter account and i was thinking to buy one for my self. and tadaaaaa.. its only available at . i went to and look for it, after that..  OMG!..i saw the price and shocked.. its actually quite expensive haha.. Rp 359.000,- ( around $45 ). I was invite my friends to buy it too, and the bad news is my friends don't want.. omg so sad.. and i was thinking to " Ok, i give up.. maybe its not for me.. ". but after that.. omg.. i saw the  terms and conditions and guess what?? there are only 5,000 units bottles with a hot metal printing Agnes exclusive signature and serial number on the bottle of perfume and its LIMITED EDITION!  OMG!!! WHY NOT! so finally.. i bought it.. LOL!

 The unique things that i like from this perfume is the color of the liquid is green neon... yes the green color is from the liquid itself, not the bottle!.. the color is unusual and different from the other perfume right?..and guyss.. you can order it here at!

Agnez is always being my inspiration.. she is just so adorable and talented.. not long time ago, she just launched her new international single.. 
you can listening to all of her new songs here on her youtube account
and keep update for her information here on her twitter.
and you can find me on Instagram with username teofenny *emm LOL! just kidding..
Okayy see you on next post guys..
have a great Saturday night! seeyaa


Ines Ariani said...

Hello, spatuku still available on topshop kok, ak sering liat :))


Lisshandra Tanata said...

hi :) oooh ok kak gapapa kok :) and thank u for repost-ing :) anyway would u mind checking out my latest post? thank u :) xx