Tuesday, October 6, 2015


First of all, before any questions asked from your mind and your mouth, before you wondering more about this post/video, let me tell you that this is not sponsored, this is not advertisement, this is not.. not anything you think about how cool i am LOL! this isss aaaaa! aaahaa just keep silent i know you know about this video if you are my classmate.. gotchaaa hahaa ! Okay let me talk about this a little bit.. yeheepp, just like i mentioned before, this is one of my univ assignment that i felt like "emm.. this is very unfortunate if I just keep it in my laptop" So yeah, here it is! 

Okay! Shortly our lecturer ( Thank you Sir Adineka ) told us that he wanted something different in our presentation and project assignment that could impress him (the more he got impress, the higher score we could get haha!), it can be anything, cool slide presentation, good presentation, creative photos and slides, or maybe put any video on it, its all up to us.. and here i was..TADAA! Our assignment topic was about salon, so i was thinking to made something different from the other groups which is made our own simple video but we had hesitated because we didn't have much time to record the video..we made this video last year before Christmas, i don't really remember the date but i do remember that we only had 3 days left where we should submit the assignment on Thursday and we had our video shoot right on Monday night! but WE DID IT! TADAAA!  OKAY!! Im done typing! Go Go Go! press the play button to watch it! im excited to show you guys! TADAAA!!

Thank You for Linda Tan and Erni Rawati as a models and great partners in this assignment
Thank You for Raykall Permanah as an editor who helped me edit this video
Thank You for V Salon have been allowed us to made our video in your salon
Thank You for ME as a videographer in this assignment YEAH!
And Thank You for anyone of you who trying to correct my grammar from the first sentence you read in this post and I would be very happy if you would help me by telling me where is the uncorrect grammar is hahaa,..this is me with sleepy eyes waiting for this video posted in youtube who was in the Intermediate English class and this is where I can improve my grammar and im proud of it. LOL! okay.. this is just a quick post and see you on next post which is coming very soon and i'm so happy about that! and last but not least, let me know what do you think about this video by leave a comment!! THANKYOU! CYA!