Thursday, February 16, 2012

Singapore Open 2012

Heloo Strangers.
as I said in previous post, that I would follow one Rubik Competition in SG, and here it is ..

the competition was held at National University of Singapore , Facuty of Science ,that was my first time go to NUS.. hahahhaaa so big and we (some cuber from indonesia) were lost when we try to find the facuty of Sience.. hahahah

I'm Fail .. hahahaa .. actually I never practice again since Jakarta Ceria Open 2010 ,soo thats why  I understand if I was fail .. emm..
PS: my main purpose for attending the competition is not to compete hahaha there was another, more important ..

cuber from Indonesia (except two people from the left)
with  Junwen (cuber from Malaysia)
with Riadi (cuber from indonesia)
With Michelle and  Angel (from Indonesia)

With Teo Kai Xiang (From Singapore)

and.... (from Malaysia) actually i don't know their namee haahhahaa

with Azlysha  (From Malaysia)

finally able to take pictures with her

This is a quick post.. I have to rest my eyes, cause yesterday I checked the doctor and the doctor said that I should not be too often see the screen .. because my eyes are getting worse-cylinder. see yaa

NOTE : i just realized that i didn't take a pic with my bf.. sorryyyyyyy ... and thank you so muchh for the cubeeee..


Mitha Komala said...

woah it was such a big opportunity to go to NUS, the best uni in sg! great pictures, i really enjoy every each of them <

Karina Dinda R. said...

Wah jago main rubik yah, kereeeen :) Good luck! Take a rest dear, get well soon ^^

Karina Dinda R. ♥

dian ajeng maharani said...

hi sweetie,
ooh dear thanks for your comment on my post, and really? you have the same necklace too? pleaseee make a daily outfit post with that necklace... i will be soooo amazed.
dear, you had so much fun. i never can do rubik. i learn it so many times but i just cant.
by the way, is riadi from indonesia? oh he is sooo cuteee... *melting* he is my type!!! kyaaaaa.... *blushing
take a rest dear, kisses

lucia m said...

wow! so cool!

Grace Saraswati said...

you must be a very good cuber huh? :)

xoxo ♥♥


dian ajeng maharani said...

I tagged you to do the 11 Questions tag! See my post about it so you know the questions i gave you hun :) kisses

Wulan Wu said...

Hi Fenny! thank you for your comment on my blog... your blog is soo nice after I take a look for a while, and I followed you :)
btw, I fanned your lookbook too :p

Sophie said...

Wow, I didn't even know they existed?