Tuesday, October 6, 2009

1st BLD SOLVED and be the first Indonesian Female BLD Solver :)

5 October, i managed to recored playing rubik's cube with eyes closed for the first time, or as blindfolded solving (BLD), this is my first BLD video. i uploaded to rubikku and mom (Maria Oey) posted on speedsolving and many people watched, embarrassing hahahhaa, because my expression and im not wearing blinfold, i use pillow as my blondfold, hahahahaha. thanks for Wicaksono Adi (as 2nd World record for Mltiple blindfolded) and Chilwin Theodoroes as my teacher who teach me BLD solvving.. so glad! finally i can do BLD solving :)

the question is.. why i was interested in BLD?
all because of i was amazed to see Wicaksono Adi can finished 11 cube with Multiple BLD, the result is 11/11 and saw shelley Chang BLD video :)

here is my 1st (recorded) BLD solving and be the first Indonesian Female BLD Solver :)

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