Saturday, October 3, 2009

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Rubik’s cube, My story

A. From where i know Rubik's cube?
in early 2009 my brother start to play this puzzel, he knows these puzzel from his friend and at that time i think just some clever people can make it all same color, yaa my brother often get ranked in the class, i understood that he could solve this cube with same color on all side, and at that moment, I'M NOT INTERESTED AT ALL
A months later, my brother knows a news, that in the final months of august 2009, in Indonesia will be held rubik's cube competition, exactly falls on 30 August 2009 that is named : FIRST INDONESIA OPEN COMPETITION 2009 (IO 2009)
and from here, i started a little bit interested in rubik's cube and start learn it. I started to explore (but lazy), about a month on may 2009, began learn CROSS - first layer - the second layer - 3 look OLL - 2 look PLL, until i join in the middle of an online forum that contains people rubik's cube enthusiast, where named . Join and start asking, share with each other, and finally i can solve it, its about one minute more
After that i started brought it to school, and seniors who are interested to play rubik, his name is Danny from 3 accounting class (my school is vocational school, so each class based vocational), my classmate interested with that rubik but no one interes to paly it, time is running fast , only with time that not until a week danny can solve that cube (even though i was almost a month because i was lazy, understood.. he was the overall champion of our schools) and without my realized, he oversees a student, his classmate named Raymad (sorry if i wrong write your name) who get to step OLL, WOW! im soooo happy finally there are additional people who want to learn to play it. and i get my record, 47 friends call me "manusia kotak-kotak" (human plaid)
iIndonesia Open 2009
i cant follow because batam is soooooo far from jakarta and didnt get permission from my mom,my brother can go there because he entered a university in jakarta, BINUS UNIVERCITY. ya i cant go but i still playing until i get my personal best 21 second.

after IO 2009, more people know about rubik's cube. IO 09 were recorded in 'Liputan 6 Sore' (one of the famous news in Indonesia) . My friend on neighbor next class asked me how to play it, i think he was joking because he like to joke not clear, but turns out he come and asked me to teach him play, ohh easy to teach him, easier than danny, he said that his father could, he always come to my class and bought cube hahaha :D . oyee one day after IO on liputan 6, my accounting teacher sir giyos offensive about rubik, dont know why im so glad at that momen. he had told me to play when it was accounting lesson and teach him how to solve rubik's cube (although only a cross)
and he told me to make video and he wanna post on school blog, here is that video :)

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