Friday, August 17, 2012

it's been a long time

Hello Guyss... long time no post something on my blog...ya i know..actually.. nothing inspiring me that much to post something here.. and i really don't have much time to write, cause you know what?!  I get the additional work at office and of course house work .. so, lil bit busy.. ya.. and if i have free time, i just trying to texting my bf and look at my phone.. i cant take my eyes off to Instagram every time i look at my phone.. you know what.. sometimes its annoying why i cant take my self out of it.. Don't say blogging, even that twitter's timeline, i am very rarely read it.. and i have low information now..

Collage life will come to me ASAP.. howw fastt!! we are in middle of august now!!! and my collage will start on Sept .. Welcome! im very excited about it.. but.. i think ill get bored after 1 month.. hahahhaa.. we'll see :D

btw.. i really miss my cubing life ..its been a long time since my last Blindfolded touch my cube.. i miss getting excited, i miss getting cube pop on speedsolve and DNF on blindfolded..i miss when i cant get enough for my time result..i miss competition, i miss meeting people, i miss that moment so much.. i miss making video.. i miss drawing.. i miss my old friends.. i do.. i really do..

2 years already.. and i think my accuracy are getting bad now..or even worse!! i just need someone here to practice with mee.. i miss my oldest brother...

okay its too late now.. i got to sleep cause tomorrow i have my family trip to our neighbors.. ya hahhahaha.. see you soon on my next post.. follow my twitter and my instagram btw hahaha @teofenny .. you are welcome! *evil laugh*

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Michelle Jiafang said...

Chanced upon your blog and enjoy reading it!