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UMC ( UIB Management Competition) 2012

Helooooo Bloggg!!! ohhh how i miss talking alone heree.. LOL!
UMC... oh no..
First of all, I took univ in batam (yes, batam .. last option..) . I took one of the quite famous university here in batam called UIB (Universitas Internasional batam), I majored in Management here yaa, i know.. so much different that I want to take in Sg / Malaysia which is Animation Design .. but.. its okay, i got it mom.. :)

Almost 5 month here.. i felt... good.. not so good and not so bad.. just good.. new friends, new feel, new spirit.. after a year not studying, my head stuck when i see the text book.. seriously.. I was a little bit depressed a few weeks..ahh!  okay just go to the point .. my topic today is about UMC.. TADAAAAAA. i don't know what to say have much time to write it.. :p

Okayy UMC ..
on the 15th of December I attended a competition on campus with my two friends. Linda And Li Yuen . it's internal competition btw which mean just can followed by our campus student from Semester 1 - 5 (Management only) . i think a lil bit unfair cause they took the question from semester 1-5, we are just semester 1, we heven't got that semester 2-5 material..but some of the material is logic i think.. but.. its quite fun :)

Aula B, This is where we began the competition and get a instruction from the committee

There are 22 grups each consisting of 3 people, andddd this is our Group Name...

TADAAAAAA SOS !!.. don't know the meaning and just don't care.. LOL! we came here just to get a certificate!!! LOL!!!!!

First Round.
They Gave us 50 questions within which includes lessons marketing, financial management, human resource management, consumer behavior, etc (i don't care forgot) .

can you see where i am?? LOL!!!!
we took a corner to be more concentration but  I was wrong.. look at our serious face... hahhahhahaaa

after the first round done, we returned to the hall and wait for the next round to be prepared by the committee. in the hall we were given a meal and played some games. Little bit boring.. but least we can refreshing our mind for a while..

ignore my stupid face..
 and the announcement of a second round of division has been notified

So, go to Second Round
there are three class that have to be finished, Financial - Human resources - and Marketing. Our first Class is Human Resources.

the rule is one person given 2 minutes to fill out the answer, if the time reaches, they must passed to their friend in behind. and I was stuck here.. i have to read what my friends write and it's take my time.. RGGG

and.. my stupid face after HR class done..
Go to the second class, Marketing class..grouping the segmentation..

We were confused and in a hurry to make it and the result seems not so good ..LOL!

Next, Financial class.. oke..

This class made ​​me upset, please .. the question is .. ARGGGG ... WHO MAKE THIS QUESTION????!!! You are so Pienthaiii leeeeee..  but its quite fun HAHA.anddddd is the end of the Competition!!!!

Round 3.. ! Finalll!!!
SOS didn't get the big 5, but okay, we get in the top 10.. we were ranked eighth, is good enough i think haha, we were a lil bit disappointed that day but we didn't really care because we came to get the certificates! hahahaa

Three of our friends, Semester 1 get into the top 5!! WOHOOOOO!! we are very proud even though we didn't in! Management Night! YOHOO!!! they are in the group B, and the final round's score was pretty close and very exciting! YOHOOOOOOOOO!!!

too many stupid face that i got... oh goshh..
three highest score in this round will be the winner, this final round is done and we got the WINNER!

Group A, B and C!! and yes.. Group B, thats mean.. OUR FRIENDS ENTRRED TOP 3! HOW COOL!! we were very happy for them!
1st Winner is Group C, many peoples said that they are champions subscriptions, so wa are not surprised.. hhhaa.. but WAIT! Groups A and B have the same score. so they have to answer 3  extra questions to see who's on the second and who's on the third ..after the exciting and the competitive competition!!!! TADAAAAA.... Group B wrong answered 1 question and the score was reduced.. soo.. They were on the third.. BUT ITS OKAY! IM PROUD! 

day by day my english getting worse and worse.. oh goshh hahaha andd.. okayyy I have to go home nowwww !!!!! *I update this in the office* LOL!  soooo.. Have a greattt saturday and holiday guyssss!!

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I love your "hyperness" when you write on your blog!
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