Friday, September 20, 2013

Singapore Open 2013

Hi strangers! Here i go again, writing about Singapore Rubik's Cube Competition 2013. i was thinking to tidying up some file on my computer, and i found this photos which is i haven't post it yet, so yep.. okay lets get started !

Singapore Open this year was held on February23, 2013.. and yes, i know.. its September 20 now! and as usual the competition was held at NUS Singapore, and as usual, the feeling of the competition (this is what i like the most), but this year was not too many people attended the competition but the result was quite good, they got crazy on the average and single solve, a lot of competitor got sub 10 seconds, yah, work hard babyy.. and, its okay, i just improve a lil bit of my single solve on the web.. you can look my result just by clicking the "WCA PAGE" on the sidebar on your left ( just if you are interested btw.. ) okay, nothing i can say here cause the competition was the same every year, same place, same people, same jury, a-lil-bit-same winner.. so, lets see the photos! 

and here is the result...

Can you see my name?? hahahhahah im not that good btw.. i got this picture from one of the competitor's facebook, but i forget who.. so sorry brother!
and i just change my header btw... this looks more simple right? what do you think?
okay, Just this, byeee !

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