Monday, January 13, 2014

2014 !

i love this pics so much, took this luckily with canon 600d

Happy New Year guyss!!! First post in 2014.. 2014 is going to be our beginning! New year new start.. I hope that this year will be better and better.. I want to start this new year with more positive thoughts, find a new experience, new friends, new life, happier and enjoying my life.. do things that i never do before, cause i was too shy for that gezz. Now i'm trying to 'fixing' myself.. hahaha.. i really want to be nice with every people even when we don't know each other, but i'm a quite person and rare started the conversation, besides sometimes blank,  i always think, if people want to talk with me, they will come and say hi or whatever to me, if they not, its means they don't want to talk with me. i don't know, that kind of feeling always comes with me every time i tried to talk to people, or sometimes if we act too friendly, people will get annoyed or maybe scared at you and think that you want something from them and  just.. emm.. its hard to describe soo yahh.. i like to think some random things like this. andd.. Sometimes people think that i'm arrogant.. am i? and hey.. don't judge, quite and arrogant is different dude, if you nice to me, ill nice to you, if you don't like me, i don't care.. but if you talk to me ill respon you, im not that kind of people who too mean and remember people's fault, everyone must have made a mistake, i also made a lot of mistakes in the past, and i regret it, but why not just move on and forget the past? just let it go, forgive people and live your life happily, i'm just too silence and cant start the conversation first.. thats all.. so, come on and say hi to me.. i'll do the same things start from this year! yay!

and btw, say hi to my new Camera ! CANON 600D !

like finalllyyyyyy! for a long time i want to have a good quality camera.. yay yay yayyy! im so happy and excited!! i choose Canon 600D cause after got some reviews from my friends and most of them asked me to buy 600d instead of 650d, so i believe in them and tadaaaaa... So happy.. and now, i think, i have to star learning how to use it properly. hahha and this is my first shoots.. scroll down and tell me what do you think?

i just change my header and url 2 days ago and i think i'm gonna change a whole looks of my blog emm.. i'll do it when holiday... okayy.. once again, happy new year guyss!! see ya on next post!

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