Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Everything that kills me makes me feel alive

lately, i really in love with this song, Counting Stars by One Republic , its keeps pop in my mind every time when i want to sing.. One Republic are always being my fav since they launched their  first album in 2007.. i followed every album from them, and they never made me disappointed, they have that unique point which is they could make a songs that doesn't get bored even we heard many times.. do you feel the same? they are just awesome.. click click if you haven't heard their songs

and this is just a short post, if you followed me on Instagram , i'm sure that you already seen my pics, soo yap, its kinda late post but i'm gonna post the detail here, hehe
First of all, i want to talk about my camera. yes, this really made me happy and excited.. i ask my friends to help me and accompany me to buy camera, cause sometimes, you just need some help from other people who understand more to help you buy something, am i right? so, i ask my friends who just know via Instagram and it turns out that we are in the same campus and same major, the different is only he took the morning class and i took the night one.. hahaa, so why not if im just asking for his help. He was very friendly and talented, oh y, his name is Octafianus and this is him  haha

you can check his project here , although still a beginner, i think that his pics is pretty good and  you can contact him for photo session btw ( for Batam and Karimun only ).
here are some photos that he took with me..

actually we took a lot of photos, but since the model was super awkward and she destroyed almost every pic, so we just found some photos that not so bad.. but still.. that awkward face.. lol!  and here is mine :

 Soo... What do yo think??


natalia wijaya said...

yourr shoes ! so cute <3


Lisa Yang said...

cute blogs:)


Milex said...

you win everything!

Milex said...

you win everything!

Milex said...

you win everything!

Kingaman L said...

Love ur style of pics!!
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