Saturday, February 8, 2014


Some kind of late post here.. hahhaha im feeling comfy with instagram, its easier for me to upload something from phone than my laptop, and thats why my laptop being ignored quite long time.. haha i just wanna post some photos that i took with my bestfriends Sandra and my sister.  I'll post my sister's first, and then  Sandra's. im not typing too much here, so here is it, let the picture say something :

My sister - Teo Feriyanti
First Outfit :

 Second Outfit :

Third Outfit :

My bestfriends - Sandra Octaviani
First Outfit :



Second Outfit


What do you think? tell me what outfit and photos are your favorite!
And btw, Happy CNY everyoneee! i was very excited about CNY, but when it comes, i felt so so sad. you know what?  i fell sick on the whole CNY.. lucky? i guess no.. hahhah! see you on the next post!

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