Sunday, March 2, 2014


Saturday and Sunday always being my favorite day, because only these two days I can take a breath from my routine..just be free...hahaha..  sooo yesterday, Me, Sandra and Octa  have decided to have a photo session just to take some photos and share our hobby in photograpy, so we just hang out and find some nice place to deal with and thaadaaaa actually we didn't know where we were going, just followed the feelings and endup at one resort near Sekupang, and its quite nice and we had some shoots there..soooo.. just let the picture say something.. hehe


we tried this a lot of times and i think this is the 'ok' one.. hahahahaha still have to learn moreee

 And, thanks to Raykall who had borrowed us his camera, such a nice lens, ahhhhhaaaa my target! hahahahaha and this is me..

Actually, i've post this on my instagram account, and i just want to post it here too,and maybe in the future i'll re-read my blog and found this.... emm i dontknow i love that feeling.. hahahah okayy.. so seeyaa on the next post!!!

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